#usingspace two – a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living


using space two

The story of a squatted street in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Two long articles and some fotos from the now-evicted project are included.

NOTE the second article is in Dutch, the first in English

Published in 2006, maybe. 24 pages including cover (a foto of our door with lots of luvverly stickers)

Download here or at northernindymedia or at zinelibrary

#usingspace one – a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living


using space one

From the vaults!

Issue one was released in November 2006.

It is A5 format, 24 pages with a cover and contains an account of various visited social centres in Europe, with an indepth profile of the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam.

You can mail us about getting a paper version or download a print-ready PDF from here or zinelibrary or northern indymedia..

#lookingforwardto The City is Ours

The City Is Ours: Squatting and Autonomous Movements in Europe from the 1970s to the Present

RELEASE early 2014

Squatters and autonomous movements have been in the forefront of radical politics in Europe for nearly a half-century—from struggles against urban renewal and gentrification, to large-scale peace and environmental campaigns, to spearheading the antiausterity protests sweeping the continent.

Through the compilation of the local movement histories of eight different cities—including Amsterdam, Berlin, and other famous centers of autonomous insurgence along with underdocumented cities such as Poznan and Athens—The City Is Ours paints a broad and complex picture of Europe’s squatting and autonomous movements.
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The Groene Voltage


The Groene Voltage was a squatted social centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 2006 to 2007. In its brief lifetime it acted as a temporary autonomous zone, hosting many events. The Voltage was a free shop, a bar, a cafe, a film night, a hacklab, a meeting place and most of all a social hub for the radical left. This pamphlet is an account by one member of the collective looking at what the social centre accomplished and what it could have done better.

Pamphlet, 32 pages, English language, published in 2012.
To buy – Amazon link or email us.
An earlier version of this text was published on indymedia in 2008.

#lookingforwardto Moral Rhetoric and the Criminalisation of Squatting

Moral Rhetoric and the Criminalisation of Squatting

Vulnerable Demons

Edited by Lorna Fox O’Mahony, David O’Mahony, Robin Hickey


#lookingforwardto Squatters’ Movement in Europe: Everyday Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism


The Squatters’ Movement in Europe: Everyday Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism

The Squatters’ Movement in Europe is the first definitive guide to squatting as an alternative to capitalism. It offers a unique insider’s view on the movement – its ideals, actions and ways of life. At a time of growing crisis in Europe with high unemployment, dwindling social housing and declining living standards, squatting has become an increasingly popular option. The book is written by an activist-scholar collective, whose members have direct experience of squatting: many are still squatters today. There are contributions from the Netherlands, Spain, the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. In an age of austerity and precarity this book shows what has been achieved by this resilient social movement, which holds lessons for policy-makers, activists and academics alike.


cobble books

The pervasive and artificial division between activism and academia is dangerous. Scholars need to get their hands dirty and people working for social change need theory.

We have a few print projects in the pipeline which will hopefully see the light of day in 2014. This website will serve both as a collection point of further resources from the texts and hopefully as a node in its own right. We’ll also be adding texts we like.

Keywords: anarchism / squatting / social centres / colin ward / social movements